Wire And Cable Industry Market Analysis


According to Shanghai wire expert information comprehensive judgment,
1, The Western Market Is Significant
The development of the western region has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign investors, many of the construction project is to foster a big horn line of wire and cable market.
At present, the west is on a large scale of capital construction, transport, energy and power construction has already begun, followed by a, will be other construction industry construction projects. Compared with the eastern region, western large cable factory few, and the product variety is not all, this is just for wire and cable manufacturers in eastern has brought a great business opportunities.
2, Special Cable
Along with our country traditional cable market competition heats up, video line, security fire cable, Marine cable locomotive vehicle sewo4qd cable and nuclear power station with cable and other special application of special cable for a long time in the traditional cable scuffles domestic cable enterprise provides a way to escape. For Marine cable, from shipbuilding to world shipbuilding powers in China, there is no doubt for Marine cable manufacturing has provided a broad market.
In 2003, China's GDP reached $30 million Marine cable, among them, the $20 million in use for export, the rest of the products in the domestic market sales. Research shows that China's Marine cable export market in the next 10 years will be increasing at a 5% annual growth rate of audio line.
3, New Product Market Prospect
As people's awareness of environmental protection and safety, with light weight, small size, low smoke, zero halogen, fire protection features such as cable is very popular, some of the vendors in an eye have benefited from such products technology research and production. Form a complete set of wire and cable industry advantage industry, the product must meet the performance requirements of the main industry. It is to have development potential, competition and market demand of the space, to develop the most suitable products. The second is to develop high value-added direction RVV cable accessories and a complete set of products.