Quality Control

Quality is taken seriously by Jinyuan Cable in all its designs and manufacturing processes. Jinyuan Cable has a full range of first class cable making machinery and cable inspection equipments. Raw materials are obtained from national renowned suppliers and are subjected to tests before use in the manufacturing process. Jinyuan team takes all possible efforts to implement quality process improvement.
Jinyuan Cable products are manufactured to comply with the standards of GB, IEC, ASTM, EN (BS, DIN, NF, etc.), AS/NZ, SANS and customers’ standards.
With strict quality control system, excellent R&D strength, and modern equipment, Jinyuan has provided solid foundation of industrial support for satisfying the customizing requirements of global consumers.

Our Quality Policy
Satisfy the customer’s needs by consistently producing and providing the safest cables, conductors, with the heartfelt cooperation and participation of our employees whilst continually improving the quality management system.

Environmental policy
Jinyuan Cable follows out the Sustainable Development Strategy, and highlighting our sense of social responsibility. We are committed to ensure the company’s operations comply with all applicable environment related legal and other requirements. We will continuously improve its environmental performance by reducing the impact and prevention of pollution through economically feasible and technologically practicable processes. We will,
● Optimize the use of raw materials, water & energy.
● Minimize and control of all waste.
● Create awareness to all employees regarding their responsibilities to make a greener environment.
● Communicate our environmental policy to all employees, stakeholders and to the community.

Main Points of Quality Control:
(1) Supervision:
-Quality guidelines, quality targets, “quality manual” and “procedure document”
-Quality responsibility of related departments
-Regular inner quality examination, keep quality improving and training

(2) Management: 
-Market exploitation and contract investigation
-Supplier evaluation and selection
-Raw material inspection and test

(3) Production: 
-Task guide book
-Unqualified product control
-Product color code tracking

(4) Others:
-Packing and transportation
-Statistical technique
-After-sales service

Quality Test:
-All related equipment adjustment and control 
-Purchased goods test
-Production process test
-Final test
-Regular test and examination

Document Control:
-“Quality Manual” describing quality system
-Working guide book for directing production procedure
-Other documents supporting quality system