Our People

Recruitment & Placement
We encourage equal opportunity of employment at all levels and ensure that the RIGHT people are hired for the RIGHT role at the RIGHT time. The well-structured induction and orientation process helps our new employees get accustomed to the friendly and challenging working environment
Learning & Development
We offer attractive career advancement and growth opportunities to talented employees. Our learning and development process supports every employee in building their capabilities and provides them with the exposure required to handle greater responsibilities.
Our leadership development initiative places great emphasis on developing strategic thinking, people skills, and customer orientation to face the competitive challenges in the industry.
Leadership development, core competencies, and job-related competencies are facilitated continuously through the annual training plan to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of our employees.
Reward & Recognition
We appreciate and celebrate the exceptional contributions, aspirations, and competencies of our staff, whether job-related or as a demonstration of commitment to our values.
We believe that people make the difference between a good organization and an excellent one.
Employee Services
We show our care and concern for our employees by providing benefits such as medical, welfare, loan, death donation, retirement, and many more. We also take the time to socialize and create a friendly second home through events such as New Year celebrations, Christmas celebrations, employee day, and various interactive events organized by our dynamic committee members in the welfare association. Members of our multi-talented team get many opportunities to show their talents in events such as singing, dancing, and drama competitions.