Aluminum Alloy Cable Industry Comprehensive Analysis


Wu Changshun, director of the national electric wire electric cable quality supervision and inspection center has done the detailed introduction of aluminum alloy superiority, he said: "the increase in aluminum alloy conductor is through a trace of the elements such as iron, silicon, zinc, and after processing of alloy materials, greatly improved the bending of aluminum, corrosion resistance, mechanical processing, heat resistant, mechanical strength, such as performance, so as to avoid the existence of pure aluminum conductor cable connections is not the problem of low stability and mechanical properties. Compared with copper cable, its security and load flow, electrical conductivity and safety, conductor resistance rate, especially the amount of intercepting identical even better than the traditional copper cable, made up for hard pure aluminium as many deficiencies of cable conductors, solved the aluminium cable in security properties, electrical properties, mechanical properties of major technical problems".
And in addition to superior performance, the cost advantage to wire and cable manufacturers to be reckoned with. It is reported, as the main part of power cable conductor, in low voltage power cables of cable around 70% – 70% of the cost of raw materials. And aluminum alloy cable on the cost of obvious advantages compared with copper core cable. In addition, in the same electric conductivity, the weight of the aluminum alloy cable was only 50% of the copper cable, so in engineering installation and reduce the transportation cost is also has the certain superiority.
Aluminum alloy cable is becoming China's cable companies eyeing a blue ocean. Aluminum alloy cable either from the perspective of the cost of production, or from the view point of application category, have a good potential, is most likely in the next few years, instead of copper core cable to become the latest must-haves in the wire and cable manufacturing enterprises.
Aluminum alloy cable imported from North America, China has gained wide acceptance
Since 1968, in the southern United States cable company began the development and production of alloy power cable, then alcan, American famous companies such as UMI electric also engaged in this industry, and in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries began to popularization and application. Mainly used in airports, military bases, office buildings, residential, hotels, supermarkets, schools, stadiums, hospitals, factories and other plant construction project. North American successful application of alloy cable nearly 50 years, had never seen any safety accident. It is fast in Europe and the application of new materials alloy electric power cable is one of the important reasons.
Now aluminum alloy cable is not new in China, its performance, price advantages and after years of the testing authority and market inspection. Statistics show that although at present in China copper core cable still accounts for more than 90% of the market. But that did not stop aluminum alloy cable for the masses gradually accepted, accept the good momentum.
Aluminum alloy cable development future is limitless
The United States, Canada and other wire and cable manufacturing giant production, the use of aluminum alloy cable has nearly 50 years, and aluminum alloy cable also because of its excellent electrical properties.